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The NCAC independently determines if a college meets the high standards and stringent requirements of traditional and distance learning practices. We evaluate the schools policies and procedures to ensure they meet our established criteria.

The NCAC evaluates the policies and procedures of educational institutions. We do not grant degrees or verify the credentials of alumni. Most colleges provide education verification directly or through their chosen registrar. We maintain an impartial opinion of a school and only provide accreditation based on the criteria we have established.

January 2014 - The NCAC adds significant merit for education courses attended while in military service. Career related classes provided by official branches of the US Government may qualify toward earning college credits.
November 2013 - Trade schools may be able to grant certification for certain vendor authorized technologies.
October 2013 - Quarter to semester credit conversion updated to include certain eligible classes.

There are literally hundreds of accrediting institutions in the US and each have their own method of accrediting a school. The NCAC has developed a criteria that looks at a schools ability to grant degrees based upon sound principles and honest evaluation of their skills. Earning a real degree is the very purpose of accreditation. Our guidelines ensure a school uses sound judgment in awarding such degrees.


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